DESURBS Original Call Text

Topic SEC-2010.2.3-1 Planning, (re)design, and (re)engineering of urban areas to make them less vulnerable and more resilient to security threats

Description of topic:
Based on risk assessment and modelling, the first task is to develop a framework to be able to identify in existing urban areas (including public spaces such as public transport terminals, sport venues, shopping and business centres) ‘weak points’ where security must be reinforced. The second task is to define/develop tools to be able to develop more robust and resilient ‘space’ in the field of urban planning/design/engineering. The resulting urban space itself should be such that it is less prone for and less affected by attacks/accidents including natural disasters. All auxiliary infrastructures supporting such an urban space should be covered in the proposal. A primary goal should be to protect the human beings and the surrounding natural environment. In both cases, comprehensive supporting tools must be developed in a sufficiently generic status such that applications to different types of urban environment (also in old and new cities) could be easily done. Concepts for the assessment of existing security cultures and their development, training concepts, and acceptance analysis have to be included as part of the project.

Funding schemes: Collaborative project

Expected impact: It is expected that action under this topic will improve the design of urban areas and thus increase their security against and resilience to new threats. It will also contribute towards the protection of human lives and environment..